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Health care needs during retirement will create a tremendous emotional and financial impact on your clients lives.

Are you, as a Financial Advisor, equipped to provide guidance and advice in this critical area?

Advisors have a unique opportunity to build trust and cement client relationships across multiple generations by addressing this topic.

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We provide financial advisor training, equipping financial advisors to handle:


  • Become fluent on coverage and costs.

  • Understand the implications of the major coverage gaps.

  • Identify quality resources for you and your clients.

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Long Term Care

  • Understand the types of care and resulting impact on a client’s family.

  • Learn an effective, consultative sales process.

  • Understand the solutions: self-insuring, traditional coverage, annuity, life insurance and hybrid products.

Income Solutions for a
Health Care Coverage Plan

  • Calculate an overall health care cost estimate.

  • Review current asset and product allocations in the context of health care funding needs.

  • Position income producing assets to fund health care coverage.

  • Create a plan to discover the needs and opportunities within your client base and community.